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Our Approach

Retirement Security Planners, Inc. is a client-oriented and referral- based firm. As a referral-based firm, we devote the majority our time to working for the benefit of our clients, rather than seeking new clients on a continual basis. We create life-long relationships with our clients and are there for them in times of need.

We strive to structure our clients’ affairs so they can enjoy life to the fullest. For our clients, this means our complete focus on creating sustained streams of lifetime income and enhancing their estate, with a goal of minimizing the possibility of them outliving their money.

We help our clients create peace-of-mind satisfaction by structuring their affairs to assure the transfer of their remaining residual estate to their beneficiaries. We help them prepare, so the transfer happens the way they want, ensuring it happens smoothly, in the manner they want, with least amount of inconvenience, time, cost, taxes, and governmental interference, all while ensuring maximum privacy.

We coach our clients to protect and grow the assets they have worked a lifetime to achieve. We help them to sustainably enjoy the fruits of their labor and to share their wealth and values with the people and causes whom they love.

Protect, Grow & Enjoy Your Wealth -- On Your Terms ©